35 Fun Summer Activities to do kids

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  1. Listen to Music and Dance with the music
  2. Get out some paper and color or paint
  3. Play a backyard game ( Hide & Seek, Freeze tag, Jump Rope, etc…)
  4. Take a walk or hike
  5. Get wet: put on the sprinklers, water hoses, or kiddie pool
  6. Teach them how to skate
  7. Take a bike ride together around block
  8. Play catch: like football or Frisbee’s
  9. Shoot some hoops (Buy a hop or make your own hop at home)
  10. Make your own toys that is around the house
  11. If your have a playground and swing set that makes excellent fun for kids
  12. Sand box: Where they can build sand castles
  13. Kick ball, Baseball, Hula hoops, or Just play with Chalk on ground
  14. Outdoor searching for bugs
  15. Water balloons or just balloons, Nerf balls to beach balls
  16. Go Bowling inside a building or bowling at home with homemade pins and ball
  17. Go to the Library and stay for story time
  18. Bake something, anything at home
  19. Host a play date with a friend


    Have FUN

  20. Play dress up together
  21. Go Swimming at Beach or Pool
  22. Visit a Museum
  23. Visit a Zoo
  24. Play card or board games
  25. Have a Scavenger Hunt
  26. Go to the Movies (Inside or Outside)
  27. Have a Cook out
  28. Camp outside and make S’mores
  29. Plant a Garden
  30. Plan and do a Family Talent Show
  31. Go for a Train Ride
  32. Complete a DIY Project
  33. Go Fishing
  34. Go on Boat Ride
  35. Start a Collection


Strive to spend time with your family and make special memories that will last a lifetime in your children eyes and heart. Engaging with your children and showing them the world can impact them in amazing ways because they want to learn,explore, and have an adventure. So even through as Parents we can get tired and worn out by everyday chores and responsibilities, we have to take time and have special moments with our kids because they grow up so fast and the next time you look up they are off to college; So ever moment counts when it comes to your special time with your wonderful kids.


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