Top 15 Ways To Know If You Are In a Dead Relationship


1.There’s NO COMMUNICATION between the both of you anymore; its exchange with Fussing and arguments about any and everything.

If you got to the point where a conversation is about  how you don’t treat me right, what have you done for me lately, or why come we don’t talk anymore like we use to, then chances are you are headed for a R.I.P. Relationship.

2. There’s No Intimacy or Affection for each other in public.

If he isn’t proud to let other know you’re his girlfriend in public then why are you with him.

3.Not Spending anytime together, always working, and always business; shows the you are headed for a dead relationship.

You’re starting to find everyone else attractive than your partner and thinking they can treat me better than your man can then chances are your flame for your partner has burnt out.

4. Rather spend time with your Family and Friends then Together

5. Sleeping in Separate bedrooms or in the same bed but backs are turned the opposite way of each other.

When your are barely or no longer having sex and its like your house is located in the North Pole, sound the alarm there serious problem in the bedroom.

6.You taking different vacation times and days

If you can’t see yourself on a beach with your partner drinking Margaritas and having a wonderful time, you’re already broken.

7.Can’t stand being in the same room together anymore or even eat at the same dinner table with family or friends.

8.Rather be at work or doing something else then being with him/her at home.

9.There’s No More Laughter in the home its Only Misery and Tension.

10.If someone repeatedly tells you they can’t stand you any more and they wish you would just leave and never return…chances are you are in a dead relationship.

11. He doesn’t even remember simple things  about you.

If your partner can’t remember your birthday or if you like pizza but hate sub-sandwiches and buys you one, then he doesn’t care about you.

12.You haven’t been introduced to his family. 

If he hasn’t taken you to meet his folks after six months or more of being together then that’s a big red flag that he doesn’t see you as a long term catch ( wifey material).

13. You always making the effort in the relationship.

If you’re always making the plans, deciding were you going on date night or about your future, then ditch him or her before its to late, you don’t want to feel you are dragging him into a relationship kicking and screaming.

14. Lack of Respect

If your guy doesn’t respect you, it’s over. You want someone who says he admires you, that he’s a better person for you- not that you’re useless.

15. You’re constantly waiting for him to change.

Growing and maturing together is part and parcel of a healthy, strong relationship.But if your partner is struck in high school mold like his or her are teenagers then just cut the cord and find the person you’re looking for.



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