Quick Guide: How to talk to a Police Officer when pulled over

pulledoverpolicePolice image

How to react when you are being pulled over
1. Know your rights.
a. A police officer can pull you over for any traffic violation, no matter how minor.
b. Never fight with the police officer when they pull you over, if you believe that you are being pulled over because of your race, ethnic, or gender don’t argue with them just stay calm and record the interaction with your cell phone just put it on the dash board and push record.
2. Look for a convenient spot to pullover.
a. Put on your signals and pull over to a gas station, parking lot, or wide shoulder of the road.
b. If it’s dark and you are alone, you have the right to drive to a well-lit area such as a grocery store, plaza, gas station, or well populated area before stopping.
c. Call 911 let them know that you are being pulled over by a police officer and that you are driving until you find a well-lit safe place to pull over. 911 operators will communicate this information to the police officer.
3. Row down your driver side window and keep your hands on the steering wheel until he approaches.
a. Turn on your interior lights.
b. Make all your movements slowly cause the officer is watching to make sure you’re not drawing a weapon on him or hiding something.
4. Don’t speak first.
a. The officer will ask you for your License and registration; get them slowly and tell the officer where it is while you are reaching for them.
b. Finish the process by letting him or she call your license and registration in after that then you can start talking.
5. Keep your answers non-committal and brief.
a. Be polite at all times.
b. Open-ended questions can get you into trouble. The officer maybe trying to extract admissions out of you that can be used against you in court.
6. Follow any orders given by the officer.
a. Refusing to follow an officer’s order will identify you as either resistant or rebellious.
b. Moving vehicles are subject by law enforcement to search with probable cause after a traffic stop. Probable cause may include observing occupants in suspicious activities, remarks and things that the officer can smell, see, or hear like safety violations, open containers, potential weapons, etc.
c. If the officer asks can he search your car, you have the right to say no but if you refuse to consent to a search, that does not create probable cause but it will make the mad.
d. Do not engage the officer in any unnecessary conversation just stay quiet.
e. Do not exit the vehicle unless requested to do so. This is always perceived as a threat when you leave your vehicle without ordering too.
f. Continue to wear your seat belt, because if you are wearing your seat belt the officer will have no reason to think that you are going to try to run away or come out your car in harm him. Secondly, if you remove your seat belt before the officer sees that you were wearing it, you might receive a ticket for not wearing it even through you were wearing it, because the officer didn’t see you wearing it.
7. Be Polite and do not argue with the officer if you are given a ticket.
a. Thank the officer and remain in control of your emotions. Don’t start fussing and making a scene with the officer it will only end badly for you.
b. Do not address it with the officer while you are stopped. Instead, try to get or remember the officer’s name or badge number for later. Go to the police station into the internal department and write a complaint on the officer.

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