8 Ways to get a Discount from a Resale Boutique

8 Resale Shops

If you are looking for vintage, retro, unique, trendy, and affordable styles on a budget then check out Resale Boutique aka Thrift Stores. These places are a wonderful alternative to traditional retail boutiques. Look past the overwhelming piles of clothes and dim lighting and see many different possibilities of styles and wardrobe changes if you know where to look. Follow these tips to score some exciting finds and savings on your next resale boutique trip.

Visit often especially on the days they put out more new clothes, accessories, and shoes. So make sure you call and find out the days and times your resale store restocks its shelves to get first dibs on all the lastest items.

Check clothes carefully for stains,rips, loose threading, missing buttons and any other potential problems, It frustrating when you find the perfect outfit and take it home just to find out its stain and holes in it. Even worst is you cannot take it back because all sales are final and no refunds. So now you are struck with a ruin piece of clothing you have to figure out how to take out stains and repair holes. So again make sure you check for stains and smells, get into a well-lit spot and test out zippers, buckles, snap snaps, check seams, and look for holes, chips, cracks, or tears.

Cash in on deals and specials when you go to the store always check the counter, door, or window to find out what is the days discounts for the week. It maybe for seniors, students, military, or different color days for special holidays. So make sure you stop at the counter and look around to see the discount they have for you today.

Stay up-to-date on the lastest resale boutique deals and promos by following them on social media and look for your favorite locations. Most all of the have a app where you can go to and find out the weeks specials and the locations of the nearest store by you.

Shop seasonally after every holiday or season change you should check out your local resale store because they will discounts on the holiday season or season that just past. The coat you always wanted can be yours after christmas or winter season, so much sure you visit often to check when they put it on sale.

Shop high-end locations theses stores usely have the name brand items for a good discount and they are in good to discent condition. So you will pay little bit more because you have clothes with better quaility and name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Make a list so you can keep a eye on the prize. You are there for a reason and its not just to browse around. Keep a running list of what you are hunting for before you head to the store. It will help you remember why you was there and keep you focus and on track to find that prefect outfit for less.

Scan your way to success, when running through your list, let your eyes  scan up and down the racks, looking for colors, patterns, and textures that appeal to you. This trick will sae you time from the exhausting task of looking at every single item.


8 Resale Shops 1

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