Resources & Information for Business Owners Part 2

The Ultimate List of Business 2


Hello everyone Welcome back to Diamond’s World, I hope everyone is having a great and beautiful day today. Starting a business can be tough if you don’t know where to start and how much everything going to cost you. In Part 1, I touch on the process of starting a small business, first off I explained you need to get what Business you want to start and start on a business plan, next how you need to figure out what business entity you will be establishing, then you need a business name and aEIN number, after you get that check what Licenses & Permits you need to obtain, make sure you separate your Personal and Business expenses by getting a Business Checking Account, and lastly get your Business Taxes. Now we have come to Part 2 of our journey of starting and running our business.



We now enter the Website stage of the game where we will look at how to pick your domain name, a Professional email address, and web hosting sites.

  1. So, first off you need to obtain a Domain name for your business. It’s a must to have for plenty of reasons. First off you’ll look more professional when people come to your website and see you invested the money it takes to look serious. They will be more willing to work with you or come back to your website.
  2. Second, if you want a chance to get more traffic from search engines, having a domain name helps a lot.
  3. Third, if you don’t buy it, you risk the fact that someone may purchase your domain name and you will be out a registered domain for your business. Especially if your business or blog is doing well and you want to captize on that, you can’t because you did not register and buy your domain.
  4. Fourth, it’s pretty cheap to purchase a domain name could be $5 amonth.

Side note: Do not check if a domain name is available on a website that sell domains. Don’t go to and check if a name is available , as they might keep it for you, and you’ll be stuck having to buy from them. The best way to check if a domain name is availiable is to simply type it in your url bar and if it it returns a page saying ‘This Web Page is Not Available,’ then you know it might be available. Also there is a simple free tool called Bust A Name. Bust A Name, you can typw in some keywords you’re thinking of using and it will come up with available combinations using those words.

When choosing a Domain name there are some mistakes to avoid when picking out your domain name:

1st -Don’t have a domain name that is too long and hard to remember.

2nd-Do not use hyphens or numbers in your domain name. Numbers can confuse people because they never know if the number is spelled out when they hear the domain. Also with the hyphens, people forget about them when they type your URL (

3rd-Do not have “double-meaning” names and don’t use words that have different spellings.

4th-Do not choose a name close to one that is already popular. You’ll have a hard time ranking in search results ( vs.

So keep it short, simple, easy to spell, easy to type, catchy, hyphens easy to pronounce, easy to remember, no number hyphens, unique, and legally defensible.

Professional Email Address

Once you get your domain name set up and email address is your next step. On you can set up your email for $5.00 a month and take you to Office Suite. Where you can sign up to get your email re-route to you in Office. Avoid using nicknames and numbers when creating a professional email. Try using your legal name like it looks professional and it’s not a nickname like they will not take you serious with an email like that. Full name (first&last) is typically what you want for your email unless you’re using the email address for automated mailing campaign, cold emails, or support emails. Then you can use a Company Only name like and that’s fine cause you can use a second address for your company to start sending promotional emails, newsletter campaign, or you want attention to your site and want new subscribers. Sign up to MailChimp email listing site where if you just starting out its free to use once you get 2,000 subscribers then you pay $10 a year.


Web Hosting 



BlueHost is a leading web solutions services provider. Since founded in 2003, by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. BlueHost have 5 different plans you can choose from and they also have a WordPress Plan that comes with:

Optimized for You

Built on revolutionary VPS technology, we’ve engineered a unique architecture designed to make WordPress scream. Everything you need to make WordPress websites secure, easy to use, and extremely fast comes standard.




Web Hosting

Even though Godaddy have WordPress on their site to purchase I have 9 other sites you can go and  check out the prices and plans.

  1. HostGator
  2. iPage
  3. eHost
  4. Site Builder
  5. Host Clear
  6. Justhost
  7. ideahost








If you have a question please ask I will answer you to the best of my ability. Once again thank you for visiting my site. If you have any comments or suggestion you like to add to the list please do so. We are all here to learn and grow.

Brittany Barr

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