How to handle unexpected emergencies and situation (2 minute read)



When it comes to your business you have to be on top of everything from the customer to the bills. Also you must plan for unexpected emergencies and situation.

Business comes with so much of problems you have to take care of on a daily basis. So have crisis plans for different situations that will arise. Knowing what you can do in any situation will save you time and money. Crisis can violate expectations that customers have about how your business should act. These expectations can be related to health, safety, environmental, or economic concerns.

A natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, wildfire or earthquake could arise and destroy the company’s physical assets. Or a theft, a sudden death of a key executive, a bad investment, a scandal or a social-media crisis could damage a company’s financial health. What will you do as a company to bounce back when these unexpected emergencies happens to you?

Disasters are events that are sudden, seriously disrupt routines of systems, requires new courses of action to cope with disruption, and pose a danger to values and social goals (Quarantelli, 2005)

You have to develop your own crisis-communication response plan, this is very essential for any business. So when situation come about you are well prepared and unshaken about the situation. How do you respond when the media, customers, investors and even your employees demand answers?

So having a “Holding statement,” at least 5 different responses to different situation when crisis breaks, can be developed in advance to be used for a wide variety of scenarios to which the business is perceived to be vulnerable.


We have implemented our crisis response plan, which places the highest priority on the health and safety of our customers and employees.”

“Our thoughts are with those who were in harm’s way, and we hope that they are well.”

We will be supplying additional information when it is available and posting it on our websites.

So gather a team together and have a intensive brainstorming sessions on all the potential crisis that could occur at your business or organization. Think about possible responses, about best-case/ worst-case scenarios, etc. Better now than when under the pressure of an actual crisis.



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