It’s PromTime!!!! and here is what you can expect (3 minute read)

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It’s prom time when high school teenagers gets all dressed up and celebrate their last time in school. This is the most important dance of high school seniors. For the people who do not know what prom is, its a formal dance, especially one held by a high school or college class at the end of an academic year.

The night revolves around having a date. Most teens would rather avoid the prom altogether than arrive without a date. The boy wants to arrive at the girls house and proudly greet the parents and watch his date come down the stairs looking beautiful as hell. The girls wears prom dresses with beautiful hair dos, jewelry, and shoes

The boys wears tuxedo’s with their hair cut or with a hat, jewelry and shoes.


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The parents takes lots of pictures and then they head off to the prom in a limousine as a group or rent a car for the occasion.

They will meet up in a grand ballroom of a hotel and the party starts around 5 and end at 12 midnight. After the prom is over they head to the after parties at the club, hotel or someone house and party until 4 am.

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