Happy Mother’s Day


The feeling every time it’s Mother’s Day is so overwhelming sometimes knowing that I am a mother of FOUR YOUNG KIDS. It’s a joy to wake up every morning seeing there little faces smiling at me telling me good morning and giving me a kiss ๐Ÿ˜˜, spending the day with them not knowing what lies ahead for us but you can’t beat the laughter and happiness they bring to you good or sad times.

So if you are a mother just remember the small things you and your kids do on the daily basis and not the big things because all the small things equal up to the big things you guys have done.

To the mothers to be you will have your ups and down but every moment is an experience to something great. Keep the faith in God, family, and yourself because they only stay small for a little time. So have fun with them and build memories because when they grow up that’s what they remember.

I appreciate all of you Mother’s today and everyday.

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