Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to all the real hands on Dads out there. You are a blessing to lives around you. If you are living with your kids or not living with don’t and that do not stop you for showing them how much you care and respect them then I am proud to say to you Happy Father’s Day.

Thank you Fathers who go to work all day then come home to his children and get down on the floor with them and start playing and interacting with them.

Thank you Fathers who will sit down at the kitchen table with your children and help them with their homework, have a bible study, read books to them, and/or do some kind of educational activity with them.

Thank you Fathers for spending time with your man-person-cute-youngchildren one on one without the mother around. Going to the park, movies, play, sporting event, or hanging with other dads with their children without the women around. Because your children needs lasting memories of you (Just You) of the time you guys spent together one on one.

Thank you Fathers for teaching your daughters how to be treated like a lady and how a man should treat them. By showing them love and giving her compliments from you so that she don’t go out in the streets getting it from someone else who does not have her best interest at heart. Make sure everyday you tell your daughter that she is beautiful, special, smart, and lovely girl to have in your life and any man who be honored to have you for a wife.

Thank you Fathers for teaching your sons how to act in society, how to treat women and girls, and how to conduct his self as a gentlemen. It is the Father responsibility to show and teach his son how to be a FathersDayMAN. Because if you don’t then the streets will. Be a mentor, leader, and a role model to your son and to the community. Show other boys who does not have a male father figure around how to treat women, how to conduct themselves in society, how being a man is providing for your family and being the head of the house. Be the Righteous, Responsible, Reliable, and Respectable Dad that we all need and want in society.


Happy Father’s Day


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