10 Guilt Free Ways To Make Time For Yourself

10 moms relax







  1. Wake up an hour early in the morning before everyone else and have a cup of coffee in silence. Get your mind together, your soul, and energy prepared for today’s activities and chaos.



2. When the kids go to bed. Have a date at home with your spouse or by yourself. Make a large and hot meal for the both of you; at least a 3 course meal with a salad, entrée, and a dessert with a glass of wine and wine down your day with conversation with your partner or have a silent peaceful  night by yourself at the dinner table. Learn to appreciate the food and the conversation with your spouse without the constant interruption of the kids, family, friends, and phones.


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3. Go on a Girls only weekend with no kids or husbands. Only Girls, wine, and laughter. It’s the time for you and your friends to catch up on each other lives and just enjoy each other presents.


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4. Take a nice long warm bath. Bring with you a bottle of your favorite wine, some smoothing music for you to listen to so you can calm and control your mind. All you need to be thinking about is nothing.  Light you some scent candles to get a nice aroma in the room and just sit back, close your eyes, and relax.



5. Take out your journal or a book, walk to the park or your favorite spot, and jot down your thoughts for the day or sit down and read your favorite book/the book you have been dying to get your hands on to read. Just completely unplug and disconnect from everyone for awhile. Just completely unplug and disconnect because when it’s me-time, it’s me-time.


6. Meditate. Spend 20- 30 minutes being still. Allow your mind to go blank. Also take the time and sit in prayer. It will renew your mind and soul.


7. Exercise. Get up and take a walk, run, yoga, or go to the gym. It will naturally reduces stress, help you sleep, gives you energy, restore balance, and get you moving if you just a person who will just stay around the house. There are a lot of benefits for exercising, just start simple and slow until you build up your endurance and strength. So get out there and exercise.


8. Go to bed later. After a long day with the kids, job, or both. It is easy to go to bed right alone with the kids but fight the urge for an couple of hours and do something for yourself. Write your list for next day, catch up on your favorite show, write out that blog post, etc. Just get those extra hours and use them wisely.


9. Take the kids to school or grandma house and to go beach, movies, or do something fun and exciting for yourself. Everyone needs some down time and if that down time is when your kids are at school and you can hit a Starbucks with your Laptop on hand then do so. Also you can take your lawn chairs, put on a cool outfit, with slippers and some drinks and snack hang out at the beach or by your pool.


10. Get with one of your girlfriends and hang out and talk about whatever that comes to you guys mind. Just enjoy each other and don’t talk about kids or the problems in your life right at that moment. Or you can go to a restaurant by yourself and order you whatever you want and enjoy a nice brunch by yourself.

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