How to organize for your Business

blog process


How to create systems and processes

Creating a system for your business or blog will save time and a headache. Once you have a system that you rely on and a process of how you run your business or set up your blog posts, life gets a little easier. So, start writing down and documenting what you want your system and process to look like. Once you have a starting point stress and worries gets pushed away. You never have to stare at a blank screen again, figure out templates, or stressing over deadlines. All you should do is start your project.

The next time you start a new project, take a moment to grab a piece of paper, a spreadsheet, or a word document and as you start performing your task, make a list of every step that you take. Afterwards, review the steps and see what you can do to make it better. Ask yourself, is there a better way to do this project? Or Should the steps be in a different order?

Blog Post Workflow-Template


-Write first draft

-Proofread and edit changes

-Create graphics

-Write CTT

-WordPress tasks

-Social Media shares

Systems for Product Creation

Product creation will be how you deliver you product and what’s your product going to be, so make a checklist you want to create for your product:

-Topic research

-Creating an outline

-Writing or recording an info-product

-Editing and formation

-Uploading the products to your sales platform

-Creating sales pages and downloads pages

-Creating marketing materials


This checklist will make your life simpler when you create templates for each one. Then make a calendar chart when you letting you know when you going to create, research, or editing your blogs and projects

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