One Regret in my Life

Write Down One Regret that you have in your life


The moment you reach High School teachers and counselors started talking to you about your future and how you need to start preparing yourself for after high school.

They will ask you:

 What are your 5-year goals?

What do you plan on during after High School?

Have you thought about any Universities or Trade school?

How do you see yourself in 10-years? And

What obstacles do you think you will have to overcome to achieve your goals?

 Obstacles do not block the path,They are the PATH

These questions are powerful because you believe that you will achieve all your goals, be rich, and successful. Then when you get out there in the real world and you realize this is not going to be a cake walk because sure enough you have challenges and unseen situation you will have to overcome.

My 5-year plan was to go to Florida Memorial University for 4-years and get my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Then go for another 2-years at Nova University and get my Master’s Degree in Business Administration Minor Management. I wanted to live on campus and live the college life style.

When all said and done, I would have been Financial Stable, have my own home or condo, career and car. But that all changed when I decided to leave Florida Memorial because I came to the realization that their tuition is way too high for a 4-year degree. So, I went to Broward College for 4 years with 2 degrees under my belt but I never was able (so far right now) to get my Bachelor or Master Degrees because I started a family way to early then what I had expected.

The responsibilities of raising children is no easy task and it hinder me from achieving what I had set out to do. That is my one regret leaving the University Obstacles do not block the path,They are the PATH 12thinking I was going to get something better and faster.


One Regret title

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