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Today I am going to share with you  Free Feminine Styled Stocked Photos Resources.  I didn’t have a budget to buy stock phots and I started looking around and came upon these serious eye candy photos from these different designers These images are truly spectacular for creating Pinterest images, social media images, blog post headers, etc. Free stock photos are something that you may not think about when starting a blog – I know I didn’t! You figure that you can grab something off the web or google and it will be find. Once you realize that you need better quality of picture then it comes a challenge to find free stock photos of a decent quality. It’s definitely a long process (particularly in the beginning) of finding the free photos, and then editing them to be used on different social media platforms. And that’s on top of writing the actual blog post as well!

In case any newbies are wondering why you should do this instead of just downloading any image you find off Google or a random website – you could get hit with an eye-watering lawsuit! Something that you want to avoid!

If you haven’t started a blog yet, you should! It can be life changing to say the least! I have a Ultimate List of Resources for bloggers and business owners you can check out!


Feminine Stock Photos

 Simply Mama Stock Photos– I was scrolling thru Pinterest when I found this amazing site of mama stock photos! Scroll about midway thru the page and you will see the sign-up box for the free stock photos! You can also sign up for a monthly subscription.

Color U Bold– Designer name is Jasmine and she is letting you grab 50 free stock photos. Just sign up and you will get more free photos each month too.

ZIKKIN– I just found this awesome site for free styled stock photos! All the pictures are free to download and use however you like.  So cool!

Oh Tilly– These are wonderful desktop stock photos. When you sign up you get 3 amazing and high-quality photos and more each month.

Hello You Designs – You may recognize some of the stock photos Jenn offers on this website.  The designs are feminine and elegant.  There’s plenty of space to add text or your logo. Sign up and receive access to the freebie gallery.  Every month more stock photos are added to the gallery.  Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email with a password to access the free stock photos.  Sometimes, Jenn even throws hidden freebies into her blog posts.

Boss Latina– Yami make these awesome posh stock photos for you lady bosses. She has 10 free posh photos for you! Plus you’ll get more photos each month.

Wonderlass – Allison is the amazing creator behind Wonderlass. She’s full of energy, spunky, funky and just as real as it gets.  This definitely shows in Allison’s images. There you can download 15 spunky photos.

PicXClicX– Jill has some great desktop stock photos that are perfect for mom bloggers and creative bloggers! Just go to her site, pick from her four collections and instantly download! 

A Prettier Web –  Mel is a gifted web designer with 10 years’ experience. She is giving away 7 Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos on her site.

Twiggy Post– These natural free stock photos are perfect for travel, natural, boho type blogs. Jana will give you 5 free stock photos for signing up to her list!

Haut Chocolate – You can sign up here to get 2 Free Stock Photos. Every month that you remain subscribed to the email list you will receive a freebie straight to your inbox!  There are over 700 Stock Photos available if you want to sign up for a paid membership option.

Haute Stock– Have beautiful styled stock photos for free. When you sign up, you immediately get 2 photos, but every month you get new styled photos straight to your inbox!

Dabbles And Babbles – Jamey is the design geek and creative adventurer over at Dabble & Babbles. Kindly enough she is offering up 8 Free Styled Desktop Photos.

 Make Your Blog Beautiful– Cyntha’s photos are cute and colorful. Each collection can fit a different brand or style, but I’m sure you’ll find something that you will like! Sign up for 20 free stock photos! Cynthia also adds more photos in her resource library too!

Kreanille Design – Anna mari is the creative mastermind behind Kreanille Design.  On her page she is offering up some Free Styled Stock Photos that are mega feminine and cute.  Sign up for her email and you can also score her colorful patterns pack! These images are great for sub-heading images, blog graphics, or social media post. Grab your 10 free styled stock photos.

Scarlett Ballantyne– Scarlett is a mama too and a hustler! When you sign up to her list you get five glorious photos with teal as the main color. Get 5 free teal inspired stock photos!

Turquoise and Palm – Turquoise and Palm are known for their amazing stock photos, so no list would be complete without mentioning them.  When you sign up for their email list you will receive 15 free images.  They have over 1,400 styled stock photos that you can access by joining for only $19 a month!

Diva Gone Domestic –  Tara is a self-proclaimed design junkie and paper lover.  She loves to use lots of polka dots, peonies, confetti, leopard print, stripes matched with neutral backgrounds.

Ella Westley Creative –  Elle Westley is the designer behind some beautiful images. She is driven to help entrepreneurs create impactful brands. Sign up for 5 free styled stock photos.

Just Darlin’– Want free photos every month? Just Darlin’ gives you a pack of six photos of some gorgeous and girly stock photos to start off!

Gold and Berry – This is a lifestyle and design blog that has some a wide variety of free stock photos.  Check out the different styles on their page. Gold and Berry has bold and chic photos. They are all beautiful and sleek for sure! What’s great about these free photos, is that you don’t have to subscribe to a list of get them! Just click and instantly download!

Ivory Mix – Kayla offers TONS of Free Stock Photos.  There are so many!  Literally a library of FREE photos.  Amazing! You must check this site.

Delia In a Nutshell– Delia has a cute 4 photo pack for you! They are a bit seasonal but you can’t really tell.

Simply Embellished – Join Cindy’s mailing list and you will receive a Free Styled Stock Photo.  She will also send you a monthly free stunning stock photo. Also by signing up you get three mom-focused images for your blog.

Create Her Stock– Create Her Stock has really pretty and styled photos. Every month you’ll get a photo pack when you sign up to her list!

Rekita Nicole – Rekita has a wonderfully bright upbeat website which have beautiful and colorful images.  She offers tons of tip for biz owners as well as Squarespace users. Join her mailing list to receive 11 free stock photos. After subscribing you will gain access to her Stock Photo Library where she offers multiple packs of free stock photos. It’s a great deal so sign up and stock up.

Solopreneur Sidekick – Louise from Solopreneur has me totally craving coffee/5 with these amazing free stock photos!  Check her site out to snag 10 Free Stock Photos

Just Arpi– This free pack of 12 photos is to die for. These are creative and high-resolution photos for your brand! They’re great for creative bloggers, mom bloggers, business bloggers, and freelancers!

Cliche Mignon – This site is in French but totally worth signing up for.  These images are fantastic, with over 100 Free Stock Photos to choose from!

Creative Convex – Chaitra from Creative Convex is offering up some highly customizable and thoughtfully styled photos.  Check out her email list to receive a free photo pack that has 20 different photos in landscape and portrait options!

City Girl Searching– City has a resource library filled with beautiful stock photos she updates often and other resources to help you!

Blackline Design – You can snag the photo below as well as four other images when you sign up for their email list.

Helene in Between– Helene has 15 cute styled stock photos for your business blog. Just sign up to her site and you’ll get those photos quickly!

Mara Burkes – Mara is offering 100 (yup I said that… 100) stock photos just for your email subscription. Amazing is the best word to describe Haley’s work.

Amber Creative– Sign up to Amber’s vault and get access to a 10 stock photo pack for creative bloggers.

Design Love– Amanda has a free pack of 10 photos for bloggers and entrepreneurs. They have a cool and tropical fee to them.

Whew! What a great list of Free Feminine Styled Stock Photo Resources. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for each photo to cover your bases.  Some photos require attribution and while others do not want you to make money from their photos, others are free for all.


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