5 Ways to Start Fall off on the Right Foot


5 way for fall





  1. Deep clean your house– It is not spring cleaning its Autumn cleaning. I set aside one day to deep cleaning my home. I will turn on some music, bring out all my cleaning supplies that I need to dust off shelves and wipe down everything from the living room to the bedrooms. I like to start off with the living room first by dusting everything and cleaning out shelves to make sure all the dust is capture. Next would be the kitchen where I will clean out all the shelves to get a food particulars and organization started. Then I will do the fridge and freezer; I would throw any outdated, uneaten, and not going to be eaten food, drinks, or condiments out of the fridge. After everything is clean and organized I move on to the bathroom. That’s a big task on its own (LOL). The bathroom is wear you do the most scrubbing and sweating at (ha ha). Once you finished exercising your arms in the bathroom then you can move to your room to start dusting and organizing. Once every room is finish I will vacuum and mop the whole house and light up some fall candles to finish off the deep clean of fall.



pexels-photo-5810872. Organize your closet- When the season changes it is time to put away the last season clothes and bring out the new season outfits. This is the perfect time to organize your closet and throw anything away you don’t won’t anymore.  An the perfect time to bring out your sweaters and boots because nothing says fall like cool breezes and warm sweaters. Having an organized closet makes getting ready in the morning so much easier because everything is where it suppose to be.



3. Schedule some events for October- It’s the perfect month to get out your home and enjoy fall. Go get a pumpkin from a farmer market where they have a pumpkin pack field or go hiking on a trail in the woods. We all know about Halloween but their are plenty of activities to do before Halloween come around. So, go to the events and do hayrides, camp fires, or out door concerts. Get out there and start enjoying life.

Check out my Fall Bucket Free Printable Bucket of wonderful activities you can do by yourself or with your faFall Bucket List-free printable 




4. Make Goals for the End of the year– I know at New Year you have all your goals written down and ready to execute them all but 3 months later all but surely all your goals have went down the drain. So, fall is the perfect time to start fresh by restoring your New Year goals or starting new ones and working on them right now so when New Years roll around they will already be in progress or finish and you can say to everyone I already started accomplishing all my New Years goals and all I need to do to night is party. Let 2018 be a fulfilled year for you and blessing for you and your family.



5. Start a Fitness Routine– Before you start getting into all the good Fall meals and Holiday season. Set you up a fitness routine where you will workout 3 times a day and limit yourself to two plates expect of 4 plates this Holiday season. Doing this will help you feel better about yourself when the Holidays are over and you haven’t gain 15 pounds of holiday weight. Add 30 minutes walks, don’t eat to many carb, salt, and sugar; before you realize it you will be in better shape and spirits for the Season.


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