Happy Halloween 2017



Happy Halloween 2017! I had fun on Halloween night with my sister and her two kids and my 2 kids. I decided to only bring with me 2 out of the 4 children to trick and treat with me because we was going to do a lot of walking and I know they was going to get tired in the long run.

We went to a neighborhood in Broward and surprisely  there was a lot of families out there trick a treating. I believe families are moving back into the neighborhoods because the malls is not supporting the holiday anymore. For the pass three years every time we went to the mall to be safe and get some candy. They was always out of candy and a lot was not even participating in the holiday.

So, me and my sister started hitting the neighborhoods in 2016 to see if homes was participating in the holiday and they was in there neighborhoods. So since then we was like enough with the malls we are going to trick a treat in the neighborhoods.


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