10 Things I want my Daughters to know (Part 1)

Things I wantMy Daughtersto knowPart 1 26

Daughters are a gift and a precious jewel you must polish into a beautiful diamond. So, I wanted to part down some wisdom that I have encounter over the years. Life is filled with hard times and good times. I am proud of many things in my life and they are the best part about it. They are growing up so much and fast as they grow older I want you to fly out like a free bird. Go forth and pursue all your dreams. Live life to the fullest and make sure that your happiness Is second to none. Parenting girls is all I know at this point. I have three daughters and one boy. If I could give my daughters 3 things, It would be the confidence to always know her self-worth, the strength to chase her dreams and the ability to know how truly, deeply loved she will always be.


My Babies 123


1)         You are one of a kind, nobody has your beauty, personality, or style. Be your own person and no one else.


2)         Don’t be a follower, be someone they want to follow. Be the leader and stand tall on your own, don’t let nobody talk you into being anything that you are not because you are smart, kind, and special in every way.


3)         You are not responsible for the entire race, but some folks might think you are and try to place you like everyone else but don’t allow them. Remember that as you make decisions.


4)         Don’t let nobody define you and put you in a box or a bubble. You can achieve greatness if you put your mind to it, believe in yourself, and achieve what you set out to do.


5)         When you are speaking to an adult and they are showing you no respected by not looking at you or looking pass you. Don’t stand there in silence. Speak up and let your voice be heard.


6)         Your hair is beautiful. It’s kinky. It’s crinkly. It is also curly. My BabiesIt’s your mama and daddy hair.


7)         Your skin color doesn’t define you. It’s not even close to be the best thing about you.


8)         It’s okay to have emotions. You don’t have to be the strongest black woman all the time. So, cry, yell, laugh, and don’t let other folks let you feel that you don’t have the right to because if they do then you do.


9)         Best friends can come in any color, shape or size. Opposites attract. It’s people personalities that you need to look for and not there looks or title.


10)     Black history is American history. All of it is your history.  

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