10 Top Black Business Expos

10 top business expos

Top 10 Black Business Expos around the United States



TBE-2018-banner expo

1)Texas Black Expo (TBE) has been a pillar of the African American Community as a year-round, multifaceted community service organization with affiliate chapters around the state. Exhibit is held every May and it’s the largest trade show in Texas attracting more than 10,000 attendees. Your business will have a unique opportunity to market, showcase, sell or promote your company’s product and services to up to 25,000 metro area consumers face to face. Here is there Vendor Packet.


2) Black Business Women Rock is an empowering network for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and creatives from various industries.



3) The Black Women’s Expo Chicago returns to McCormick Place, April 6-8, 2018!

For the last 24 years, under the theme “#SheMatters”, the Black Women’s Expo offers African American women an opportunity to get informed, empowered and enlightened, while discovering the latest trends and amazing new products and services specifically created for them. The rich cultural experience, while targeted to women, has elements for men, families and children.

Vendor booths will be available starting 10/16! You don’t want to miss out.

Visit theblackwomensexpo.com for more information. The Package is Here.

The Black Women’s Expo (BWe), originating in Chicago, offers unparalleled opportunities for brands seeking to engage with the African American consumer in multiple markets.  BWe is where Black Women can be found, in record numbers, annually for the BWe Experience, where she finds the latest trends, amazing new products and services, where she gets informed, empowered and enlightened!

Black women will not only have the BWe Experience in Chicago, but in Atlanta and Dallas in 2018 with our 3-City Tour!   Now in our 24rd year, The Black Women’s Expo presents an array of dynamic speakers and celebrities in seminar sessions, top musical artists on our main stage…and a lively marketplace for corporations and small business exhibitors to engage with the powerful and growing African American consumer!

With our 3-City Tour, The Black Women’s Expo engages millions of consumers through our unprecedented media campaigns, (radio, television, print, digital, social media) with media partnerships in each market.

Exhibitors Marketplace

Where corporations and small business vendors showcase their products and services over 3 days



4) The California Black Expo is the largest African-American trade show in California!

The Expo is an effective platform in ultimate exposure for Sponsors, African-American businesses, financial institutions, beauty, health and wellness companies, city, county & local government agencies, academic institutions, and various community resources from all vocations who are recruiting or have cutting edge products or services to provide or sell that can make a positive impact in the lives of urban community members.

This historic event provides a safe and enjoyable place where patrons, families and friends can be entertained, and share an enjoyable shopping experience while gathering needed information and resources.

Website is Here!

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Increase product loyalty.
  • Generate highly qualified sales leads.
  • Expand your market share.
  • Cultivate and strengthen your customer relations.
  • Meet engaged and committed buyers.
  • Convert prospects to sales.
  • Build relationships.
  • Solicit valuable input for product development.
  • Network, schedule client meetings, and allow product testing.
  • Establish contacts in a variety of agencies from across the state.
  • Enjoy an intimate and focused exhibitor experience.


5) Indiana Black Expo, Inc. (IBE) has been a pillar of the African-American community for decades as a year-round, multifaceted community service organization with 12 chapters around the state of Indiana. IBE is known for its two major fund-raisers, Summer Celebration and Circle City Classic. The Summer Celebration is at Indiana Convention Center with more than 300 exhibitors. Website is Here!

The Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration is the largest ethnic–cultural event in the United States. This ten-day event, held in the Indiana Convention Center as well as various places around Indianapolis, draws African Americans to Indianapolis from both around the state and around the country.




6) The Jackson Black Business Expo to establish a working network between businesses, the people who run them, and consumers in order to encourage our community to recycle its dollars primarily within the black community.

On March 4, 2017, Jackson Black Pages will host is 3rd Annual, “Jackson Black Business Expo,” from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Walter Payton Center at JSU.

Registration is open to ANY black-owned business operating within the Jackson Metro — Madison, Hinds or Rankin counties. The registration fee is $50. To register for the Expo please click on link http://www.jacksonblackpages.com/expo.html.

This year they anticipate over 100 vendors being a part of the Expo.



7) Memphis Black Expo (MBX) highlights small, black-owned businesses while raising cultural awareness and encouraging cultural curiosity and social consciousness. Founded by Viara Iyadunni in March of 2008, MBX, provides a unique experience that focuses on important and complex themes like cultural exchange and cooperative economics, while still being a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. The annual production is planned for more than one year, and has grown every year from its initial, 2008 attendance of 700 guests and 45 vendors. Website is here to register.


8) Biz to Biz Business Trade Expo

This Exhibit is held in Florida: Sign Up for Three Expos & Save $180.00 Value $855    Special $675

EXHIBITOR INFORMATION Exhibiting at the South Florida Business Expos

allows your organization to showcase your brand’s products and services in front of hundreds of top-level executives, professionals, and key decision makers. Exhibiting not only allows you to connect with your current customers and generate brand awareness, but offers a great opportunity to debut new products.

Why Exhibit?

Differentiate your company from the competition Reach a captive audience of hundreds of potential customers Prove company strength and stability with your presence at the show Debut your company’s products and services Connect with new and current customers Generate brand awareness

2018 Schedule

Monday, January 15th – Embassy Suites Hotel – Boca Raton   Wednesday, February 28th – Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Convention Center Monday, March 19th – Palm Beach Airport Hilton – West Palm Beach April Date TBA Wednesday, May 23rd – Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Convention Center Monday, June 18th – The Embassy Suites Hotel – Boca Raton Wednesday, July 25th – Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Convention Center Wednesday, September 12th – Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Convention Center Monday, October 22nd – The Embassy Suites Hotel Thursday, November 15th– Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Convention Center 




9) Black Expo America 2018 taking place on Saturday, June 2, 2018, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Location to be announced. Our theme this year is “Supporting and Celebrating Black Owned Business.” During the 2018 Black Expo America: Cincinnati, we will turn our green dollars towards Black owned (African-American, Caribbean, and African) businesses. This event is the premier opportunity for your company name, products, and services to reach a wide range of demographics in Cincinnati, Ohio. Black Expo America 2018 will run on Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm Vendors and sponsors help underwrite actual production costs: facility rental, staging, lights & sound, advertising, printing, postage, security, refreshments, events, and programs. Exhibitor opportunities are open to everyone.

The Black Expo America 2018 will exhibit businesses showcasing their products and services. The expo will also include the following events and programs: business seminars, community forum, youth empowerment seminar, health and wellness seminar, Fashion Show, business networking mixers, R&B concert, Gospel concert and a comedy show.




10) The Black Business Expo is an event created by Sabrina “Heymiss Progress” Madison in order to bring attention and exposure to Black entrepreneurs, clubs, organizations and service providers in the greater Madison area along with others from across Wisconsin. We also aim to create space for networking among Black entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the Black Business Expo is to inform the community about Black entrepreneurs and encourage residents to financially support these business owners. Supporting these business owners helps to support financial freedom and agency in the Black community.

The Expo serves to bring together resources and connections so black business owners can advertise their products at a place where hundreds of other business owners, consumers and investors will also be gathered, Madison said.

“The reason I put [the Expo] together is because there has to be a space for black entrepreneurs to test out their products and get them in front of potential consumers,” Madison said.

10 top business expos us


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