How to Build a Portfolio before you have any Clients




How to Build a Portfolio

Before you have any clients


You cannot build a portfolio unless you have clients and you can’t get any clients without a portfolio. That seems to be the case in today’s work place. You must be already established before you even get your feet wet in the market. I mean you must already have six months to year experience, a master degree and superior knowledge of Technology. If you don’t have any of these requirements, then you are already cut out of your field before you even get started.

So, here is some suggestion to help you get started in the world of blogging and a freelance writing. Let’s get start:

Call to Action start a blog

  1. Start a blog: Starting a blog helps you build up content and skills for a beginner’s writer. The more you write in your niche the better you get at being an awesome writer. Blogs can also help you to earn income through sponsored posts or affiliate links.

Every company now of days that might hire you will be looking for your website to check out your blog work and content. You can start off with a free site to get you started writing and once you are up on your feet and driving with passion and success in content, then I suggest getting a hosting, domain, and professional website.

If you want to be a Lifestyle Blogger you can check out my blog post on the steps of becoming a Lifestyle Blogger Here.

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2.  Write you out a Media Kit: To show your potential client who you are and how many audience followers then you need to build a media kit. A media kit should have your name and the name of your blog, the date you established your blog, your URL so they can go to your blog along with your email address; then you will need to write out a summary about you and what your blog stands for, community demographics (that means age group you are trying to reach, the location of your followers, which sex is following the most and the percent of everything if you can get that), your top 4 best/popular content, brands you’ve worked with, past collaborations, services you offer, an follow up with testimonials of your work, a call to action, and number of pageviews (Daily pageviews, monthly pageviews, and unique monthly page views) and social media followers statics (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, RSS Feed, etc.). Lastly, make sure all your contact information is on your media kit also.



This will help you…

  • get guest-post gigs without being a recognized “blogger” (even if you’re new)
  • build your email list
  • build relationships with other bloggers you want to collaborate with
  • grow your blog and audience


heart belief

3. Guest Post: When you guest post, you are building up your skill, media kit, brand recognition, and portfolio. Check out Facebook Groups in your niche and join some groups in your niche then offer up your services and products to them. Have people know that you will do product reviews on their product they send to you. You can say something like:

  • If you are interested in Product Reviews, I am happy to accept a product for consideration, give it a try and I give my honest opinion. Then see if you get any hits with product review and you can be a brand ambassador who will represent that company products for them.
  • If you are interested in being a brand ambassador, you can go to these company’s websites and go on to their affiliate links and email or call and say to them. Hi, if you want to get your brand out to the masses on an on-going base, partnering with me to be your brand ambassador is a wonderful idea! Then let them know what you will do for them and if they are interested you can send your media kit for review.
  • Find a tutorial or actionable article. Find something that is relevant to what you need to be doing now. Need help marketing your blog? Find an actionable article or step by step tutorial for marketing your blog and start implementing. So, once you start implementing this tutorial or actionable article, keep notes on what you do. Make sure you are measuring your results.


To review, you need to start a blog in your niche first then branch out into different niches then start you a media kit after you start getting successful on your website and being known on your social media channels. Also, to get more exposure, content, skills, or recognition as a blogger/freelancer then consider guest post to bring up your statics. Do product reviews, be a brand ambassador and achieve an excellent portfolio.




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