How To Start A Blog

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Learning how to start a blog is something that anyone can do, and it has the power to change your financial life forever.  Imagine being able to quit your full-time job, because your blogging income has surpassed your salary.  Imagine the freedom that you could have, and all thanks to starting a blog. We are living in an amazing time where anyone can get online and put their message out to the world. Getting your blog set up is the first step, creating content is the second, and monetizing your blog is the third.

I’m going to show you, step by step, how easy it is to start a WordPress blog on SiteGround. Site Ground is a hosting company.  Through them, you can choose a domain name (a and have it available for all to see online. Plus, it is very simple to get started and get your WordPress blog up and running with Site Ground.  A few clicks and you’re done.


1. Their Uptime Is Wonderful.

One of the worst things that can happen as a blogger is to have your blog go down. Other hosting companies have frequent outages, but SiteGround has 99.9%  uptime, which is a awesome turn around for your blog and business.

2. Their Customer Service Is very helpful and formative

No more waiting to chat with a representative for an hour. SiteGround’s tech support is lightning quick and super helpful. They can help you setup your WordPress site in under 10 minutes. Their service is available 24/7 and you can talk with tech support via phone or in an online chat. That’s wonderful when you get stuck on a step and can’t figure out what to do next.



Are you ready to get started? Follow these simple steps and you can have your blog setup in about 10 minutes!

Let’s begin!

If you’re just getting started, I recommend their “StartUp” plan.  If you are planning on having more than one blog or website, then take a look at the “GrowBig” or “GoGeek” plans.  For most of you reading this, the “StartUp” plan will work just fine.  Here’s an image of what it looks like


The first and most basic plan is the Start Up Plan. As the name suggests, this is what you should start with when you are just starting out.

STARTUP PLAN (Perfect for beginners, great price and has all the essentials!)

Continue by clicking on the Order Now button using the StartUp plan which will bring you to Step 2.


A domain name is the next step in this process. As a standard rule, domain names should be simple. Try not to make it complicated or else people won’t be able to find you or remember your domain name. Don’t use symbols like @%$^&  or long phases.

You can use your own personal name as the title of your blog, or even use a catchy phrase just as long as it is related to your blog and what you are talking about. Just remember to keep everything simple and straight to the point.

What if you already have a domain name that you purchased from another company, but want to move over to Site Ground?  You can!  They have a transfer service.

Here’s what it looks like below.  Click either “Register a new domain” or “I already have a domain.”  If the domain name you choose is already taken, Site Ground will let you know, and you’ll need to come up with a different one.



Account Information and Client Information




Payment Information and Purchase Information

Extra services, and under here you can choose to select or unselect the extra features that you might need or might not need on your blog. For the most part, the basic features are fine. To remove the extra services just uncheck the boxes. (Be sure to leave the Domain Registration box checked! This will give you your domain name for free.)  At the bottom, it will tally your costs and give you your total amount.


Below this you need to check off the box that you have read their Terms of Service.

If everything is understood then go ahead and click on the Pay Now button.

Congratulations! You can now have hosting for your blog! All you need to do is to install WordPress and get creative. It is pretty simple to set up, but if you are technophobic, guess what? The tech team at SiteGround will set it up for you!

All you have to do is go here and click on “Live Chat.” One of the ultra friendly SiteGround representatives will say, “hello.” and you just need to ask them to set up your WordPress site and send you your login details. This process will take a max of fifteen minutes and then you can access your beautiful new site!

Once they send you your login details go to and login

You should receive an email that looks similar to the one below:

Click on the My Accounts link to get to your account. The first time you access your SiteGround account, you’ll be greeted with a popup that looks like this:

Select the first option and proceed. You’ll then see this screen:


Here, you’ll enter your WordPress login information and create a password.

You’ll also be able to choose a free WordPress theme among many that SiteGround has developed just for their own customers!

Having these free themes available is a very nice option, but we still recommend using a premium Genesis theme.

Once you’ve got your theme chose and you click proceed, WordPress will install. This may take a minute. Then, you’ll see this screen:


That’s it! That is how to start a blog that is self-hosted on WordPress. Congratulations, you have a new WordPress blog!

Your essential WordPress info including your username, password and login URL will be show on this screen:


You don’t need to do anything in the “What’s Next” area. It’s now time to get to your WordPress dashboard!


If you would rather install WordPress on your own follow the steps below.


Click on “WordPress” in the Autoinstaller section.



Then click the blue “Install” button.



On the next screen fill out the following: 

  • Choose Protocol: most likely it is http://
  • Choose Domain: The domain for the site you are setting up
  • In Directory: Leave this section blank
  • Site Name: Anything to help you remember which site this is. Note: you can update this later.
  • Site Description: A brief description of your site. Note: you can update this later.
  • Admin Username: You will need to remember this! Write it down and keep it in a safe place.
  • Admin Password: You will need to remember this! Write it down and keep it in a safe place.
  • Admin Email: Your email address.
  • Language: Your preferred language.

Choose a Theme to Install: You can install a theme here or on the backend of your WordPress site.



Now using the username and password you just created go to domain) and login!

See that wasn’t as hard as you thought! You now have your very own blog!


How to Start a blog

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