How to Prepare for Thanksgiving Day and a Free Printable Thanksgiving Checklist



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Thanksgiving Checklist 3

Thanksgiving Preparation Suggestions


1 Month Prior

Early planning helps keep your head from exploding and having you going insane. To start off with this holiday season I would write a guest list of the people I would like to join me on Thanksgiving and then call them up to see if they are available. Once I have a headcount for the big day then I can figure out how much food I need to buy and prepare for the big day.


2 Weeks Prior

I like to clean and clear out my fridge and freezer to make room for all the food I am going to purchase and all the food I am going to store away after Thanksgiving. If you like to design and decorate your tables and your diner room, then this is the perfect time decide what and how you want it to look like and who is going to sit next to who. You will need to check your linens to see if you need new ones, make sure you have plenty of stylish dishes and silverware, and that everyone has decorative glasses to drink out of.


1 Week Prior

The week before Thanksgiving is a good time to double check your guest list to make sure they are still coming and if they can’t make it then you can make some adjustments accordingly. Next, you should buy your Ham and Turkey. Depending on how I feel I might buy or cook my Ham. If you want to buy your Ham, then Honey Baked Ham is a good place to buy your cooked Ham. After, you brought your meat then plan your dessert and drink menu for your guest. Make sure you buy your ingredients ahead of time for your dessert and drinks, you would be surprise how fast the products go.


3 Days Prior

I like a clean house so 3 Days before my guest comes over we would do a deep clean around the house and make sure everything is Perfect. Next, I would buy my produce that I would need for my side dishes and perishables. After coming back from the store, I will pull out games and cards for everyone to enjoy and snack for the kids to eat.


1 Day Prior

The day before Thanksgiving is a good time to start baking your pies for tomorrow or if you don’t want to make them from scratch then go and buy some pies from the store and put the in the fridge for tomorrow. Next, chop and prep your food to be cook for tomorrow. Also, I would take out the Turkey and let it defrost. Around midnight I would put it in the oven to start cooking for tomorrow. Double check the feast preparations and sitting to make sure you have enough for everyone.


Thanksgiving Day

It’s game time, I would wake up early in the morning and check on my Turkey. Next, I would make me some coffee and start preparing my side dishes to be cooked. I would assemble a team to help me with the cooking and hosting. After everything its time to eat and relax.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Here is a Free Thanksgiving Checklist to help you get organize and on your way to a Fabulous Thanksgiving Day.



Brittany Barr                                                    




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