Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 3


Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! I will keep this post short and sweet so that all of you can get back to enjoying quality time with your friends and family. Thanksgiving is easily one of my favorite holidays, mainly because I love to eat! BUT, I also love being able to prepare a big meal with my family and friends and sit down at the table to enjoy it all together. Then, my family always concludes our Thanksgiving feast with movies or games afterwards, which is a total blast.

My Babies 123

I wake up bright and early to help my mom cook our Thanksgiving meal. I hate to brag but I made a pretty mean Potatoes Salad and different kinds of desserts! I love baking fresh homemade pies and cakes, also banana pudding. The mornings go by so quick when you are cooking and baking. Round the afternoon that’s when people will start to arrive to join in on the festivities. It is great to be with family and the ones who you love.

Thanksgiving is an all-around fun day. Everyone at home is in a great mood, the house smells amazing from all the delicious food being cooked, and we even opt to use the fancy dining room table to eat our meal at. We keep in our hearts those members of our family who were unable to be here due to distance and commitments.

All of my readers and blogging friends already know how thankful I am for each and every one of you, but I will say it again: I’M THANKFUL FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Thank you for always offering me your support, kind words, and friendship!

Enjoy yourselves, your family, and your loved ones and EAT ALL THE FOOD! How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving? What is the best Thanksgiving side dish? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Brittany

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

 My Babies





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