November Goals 2017



November 2017 Goals

Another month is upon us and almost gone, I know that I am late coming out with my monthly goals. I guess that I was so busy trying to achieve my goals that I forgot to share my goals with you guy (my readers).

I’m kicking off the month with another set of goals, but first, let’s take a look back at how October went:

Orange Leaves Quotation Fall Facebook Post

October Report:


  1. Working on Content for the rest of the month. Grade A- I’ve been doing pretty good on writing and publishing content 3 times a week. On a good day four times a week. This is such an improvement from me just writing and publishing once a week.
  2. Start on an e-book. Grade A- I have been writing two e-books for myself and my blog. I have done the outlines, workbooks, and now I am writing it out.


Social Media

  1. Raising my social media followers. Grade C- It is growing but not at a pace I want it to grow. It is far better than what it was 3 months ago. I have reached my October goals for intended follower, but I hope to do better.



  1. Starting up a YouTube Channel for me and my family. Grade F- I can’t seem to get the YouTube off the ground. I believe I have the blog and social media keeping me busy.


Fitness Goals

  1. Start Walking. Grade F- I wanted to start walking three times a week but my motivation and this heat is working against me. LOL
  2. Eating healthier. D- I did a little better choosing healthier food and curbing my appetite for the wrong food. But success is far off.




Now that it’s November, I have a few repeats and a few new goals on tap:



  1. Working on content for the month. I have been blogging at least three sometimes four times a week. It’s a struggle to stay on my deadlines but I have determined to give myself a schedule and stick with it. Also, I need the schedule to keep me organized so I don’t drive myself crazy. I am comfortable with pushing out 3 post a week because I still need time to promote it and research the response on my social media sites.
  2. I am at 30 followers on my blog site and I want to reach to 35 by the end of November.
  3. Planning ahead with new content for next month. Trying to think of topics that will help you and encourage you is not easy because I don’t want to write half ass blog posts that I wouldn’t even read. I want you to get something out of my topics that we can have a conversation on and discuss different aspects of the topic.


Social Media

  1. It was difficult go back and forth between site to check on my different social media. I ended up founding the extension/site/app called Buffer and I love it. It helps me schedule and post my week worth of pictures, questions, or quotes. I used to go days without posting, so I wanted to be more consistent and Buffer was the answer. I uses the free version right now and I have to say that’s all I need for the moment.
  2. My Pinterest Followers is at 860. I want to reach 900 by the end of the month.
  3. My Business Facebook page is at 60. I want to reach 65 by the end of the month.
  4. My Instagram page is at 175. I want to reach 180 by the end of the month. 


Fitness Goals

  1. Start Walking. I wanted to start walking three times a week but my motivation and this heat is working against me. Let’s see if it happens!!!
  2. Eating healthier.  I am trying to keep choosing healthier food


So, there you go for my goals. Hit me up at any of my social media sites listed below and let me know WHAT ARE YOUR NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER GOALS?

I will catch you in December for my updates




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