5 ways to create an incredible effective About Me Page for your Blog or Website



Writing a Great About Me Page

The About Me Page is to showcase who you are and what they should expect from your page. So, when first-time readers and those wanting to know if they should invest time in building a relationship with you: potential partners, advertisers, collaborators, journalists, PR people, and other bloggers. They can read you’re About Me Page and see who and what they are dealing with.

1) Give them something Interesting, Informative, or Eye-catching
When a reader comes to your page and checks out your About me page have it stand out from the crowd and make it catchy and eye-popping interesting. Have visually appealing pictures, nice bold font changes, and memorable style and tone. When they see your page it should make them want to come back again and invite a friend.

2) Show them your popular posts
Don’t be shy about showing your readers your stuff. If you’re an author show them your collection of books you have written or if you are a brand sponsor show them all the brands you worked for. The point is if you have posts that you’re particularly proud of because they’re received lots of comments, links, pingbacks, shares, etc., then by all means, list them in your About Me Page.

3) Provide a Free Product or Opt-in Freebie
While you are telling your story about yourself and telling them how they can benefit and expect from your site. If you want them to sign up for your newsletter then offer up something for free. Everyone loves Free and if you provide them with a free product, course, e-book then they are most likely going to come back and check out what else you have on your site. They may even become one of your most loyal readers.

4) Make it about them
What can you do for YOUR readers? I know the About Me Page is supposed to be about you, but what if you made it about your reader? Make them feel like a trusted advisor or friend who you can sit down with and give them advice, ideas, or suggestions awhile sipping on lattes in your favorite café.

5) Tell a Story
Tell them a story and paint a picture of your website and blog. Bring them in with your awesome personality and spirit. Don’t be afraid to shine and express your feelings and desires for you and your blog. Through words, pictures, or a video message make them see who you are, what you stand for, and why you are the perfect match for them.

In my previous article, I expressed how to write an About Me Page and now I want you to Impress them with your About Me Page. Show me your personality, skills, commitment, drive, helpfulness, willingness, and passion you have for your niche and your followers.


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