6 ways on How to finish your To-Do List like an Entrepreneur

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1) Write your list the night before you go to bed.

Before you lay your head down to sleep-sit down at your desk and write down your to-do list for tomorrow. Planning out your day is not hard and it will only take 15 to 30 minutes to think of everything you have to accomplish for the next day.

Doing this will give you an schedule of what your day will look like and hopefully keep you organized, not stressed out trying to figure out what is it that you need to do for today, and cut out wasted unused time.

If you have kids then write down there schedules on your to-do list so you can add there projects and assignments on your list and figure out when you can help them with their work.


2) Priorities your to-do list

Once you have everything written down on your to-do list then go back and look real hard and priorities which ones are the least and the importance on your list.

After, you are finished writing the numbers from 1 to 10; Next, Only do your Top 3 important task first for the day (the most important ones that have to be finished today) and do not go to anything else until those 3 are finished, checked off, and put in the archives.
Doing this will bring down your stress level and anxiety level because you won’t feel overwhelmed by how many tasks is on your list.


3) If it takes 2 minutes just do it!

We all have tasks everyday big or small but there is some task you do not have to write down on a list because it would literally take 5 to 10 minutes to do it. Those simple tasks I love to knock out really quickly so I can start on my top 3 list.


4) Delegate

Having an amazing support system that recognizes and support your dream is awesome and helpful.

If I have a few items on my to-do list that don’t have to be done by me, I ask a wonderful person from my support system for help.
For example, if I ask my mother to run to the post office and pick up some packages for me, she does it without hesitation.

This is not an excuse to delegate your entire to-do list. But you should also understand that it is okay to ask for help. We all need help and extra hours in a day but 1 out of the 2 will do.


5) Take a Break

Self-care is extremely important, especially as a mompreneur. You can always finish your to-do list later. We always do so much for everyone else. how are we going to take care of others if our body, mind, and soul are suffering. It has taken me a long time to realize that self-care is THE most important thing when it comes to balancing work and life. Take an hour or two every week to relax and do something that you want to do all by yourself.


6) Limit Distractions

I can not tell you how many times I have let social media or the TV distract me. Also with checking emails and shopping online can get you and a space of wasted unused time and surprisingly, I am not the only person who is easily distracted by these things. Every mom I speak with has issues of wanting to catch up on the things they are missing throughout the week.

Turn off the TV and turn off notification bells letting you know you have a message and focus on your work and the deadlines that are coming up.

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Let me know what ways you write your goals and to-do list out. By Commenting down below.




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