February Goals for 2018

Feb Goals 18 Blog


Happy February to everyone who is keeping the New Years Resolution Check out January Goals for 2018 and to the February Babies who Birthday is this month. Happy Birthday to you and I hope this month and year brings you blessings on blessings.

I have to say that nothing really changed from January but fitness and Lifestyle goals changed a little bit.

February Goals for 2018


  1. I am a baby vegan: I have decided to try being a vegan for various reasons but I want to see if I can be a vegan first. My reasons to go vegan was that I want to start living a more healthy lifestyle, stop eating processed foods, and lose weight and get my cholesterol into check. I have started a Vegan Keto Diet and if you want to know more read my post of being a Vegan Ketogenic Diet
  2. Start getting into meal planning for myself and family. I want to do those freeze meals for a month and vegan meals for a week to a month. Grade B so far into making my meal preps.
  3. Going back to school to get my Nursing degree. This was not my route in life but it doesn’t mean you can’t have 2 paths or 4 paths in your life. I haven’t gone yet but I  plan check out different schools this month.
  4.  Move my Business into a more recognized platform where I can reach more of my audience and followers. I want to start spreading my wings in different adventures. Grade C, I have starting but I am researching and taking down calculation before I make my next move.


Social Media

It was difficult go back and forth between site to check on my different social media. I ended up founding the extension/site/app called Buffer and I love it. It helps me schedule and post my week worth of pictures, questions, or quotes. I used to go days without posting, so I wanted to be more consistent and Buffer was the answer. I uses the free version right now and I have to say that’s all I need for the moment.
My Pinterest Followers is at 920. I want to reach 960 by the end of the month. 935
My Business Facebook page is at 65. I want to reach 75 by the end of the month. 65
My Instagram page is at 173. I want to reach 180 by the end of the month. 173
My Google+ page is at 14. I want to reach 20 by the end of the month. 14

Fitness Goals

  1. Exercise for 30 minutes per day for 4x a week. C; I have been doing 2-3x a week
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day B; I have been drinking 64oz a day
  3. Keep my calorie intake to 1,200 a day A; I have went down to 1,000 calories a day
  4. Cut out sugar, starches, chocolate, and high fats A; I am holding fast and strong

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