Ways to Become a Influencer on Pinterest

1. Follow pinners in your niche

When you follow someone on Pinterest they get a notification when you share something.

– Make sure your biography is complete and describes what you do.

– Make sure your boards are in the first row.

– Make sure you have a nice profile picture or logo.

2. Start a Group Board

Consider opening up one of your more popular boards to contributors. This will help you in the long run because it you get contributors with large followers then changes are they will join your boards. Starting a Group Board will help you improve you clout on Pinterest because people have to follow you on Pinterest in order to become a contributor. So, to help you be a big Influencer make sure you invite other people in your niche, bigger Pinterest Influencer who have bigger followers, and brand their selves professionally.

3. Pin New Content Daily

Statistics show that about 80 percent of the pics floating around on Pinterest are repins. So, that leaves only 20 percent being new pins. People are creating new content every single day and if you can pin this new content to Pinterest first then people will take notice and you will be seen as an Influencer.

There is a system I use to find new content to pin.

1. Write down all the blogs who have big followers and the ones you follow also and write down the popular Influencer who brings in new content on a regular basis.

2. I signed up for a free feedly account and input the RSS feed for all the blogs.

3. I usually check my Feedly account daily and pin what I think would be valuable to my audience.

Be consistent with your pins. I recommend pinning about 100+ quality pins a day. Spread it out the whole day and pin. I know it sounds like a huge time commitment but there is an easy way to set this all up and have it run on autopilot. I save myself tone of time evey week all while growing my business with Pinterest. You have sites like Board Booster, Tailwind, or Buffer to name a few.

Be consistent and Become an Influencer.

2 thoughts on “Ways to Become a Influencer on Pinterest

  1. Ciara Davis says:

    Getting the followers on my website was truly becoming hectic as I first started marketing on Pinterest. Came to know about Tailwind and gave it a try, but it got my account suspended and I was back to square one :/ Tried many other automation tools before finally settling for PinPInterest com The service by PinPinterest is simply amazing. It has been over 4 months now that I have been using this and getting an exponential rise in the number of visits and followership. I love its sophisticated artificial intelligence that it uses to automate the pins, comments, web content traffic, and with this, I have also saved a lot of time when it comes to screening the content and picking the right one for the pins as it does it automatically. And now that it supports multiple Pinterest accounts in just one PinPinterest account, no other tool beats it in terms of features…

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