Vegan Ketogenic Pros: Weight Loss Update 3

Weight Journey Vegan update 3


Vegan Keto Pros: Weight Loss Update 3

Hello, everyone and Welcome back to Diamond’s World!

I Pray and Hope you all have a wonderful day or night. When I started this journey, I did not know if I was going to be able to last on a Vegan Keto Intermittent Diet and If you guys don’t know what that is I have a post talking about What a Vegan Keto Diet is all about. Click Here!!!


When I started my Weight Loss Journey I was 210 pounds and I am happy to say that I am 190. I have loss 20lbs so far on my diet with exercise. I will be doing a 30-day Fitness challenge in March and I would love for everyone to join in and commit to this awesome challenge. I will be giving details later down the road.


Now, I would like to say that this is my personal experience on the Vegan Keto Intermittent Diet and doesn’t reflect nobody else experience or thoughts. You may experience different results and experiences then what I have been though. So, don’t expect me and your to be exactly the same results. Okay so here is article on What I eat in a day diet.


A Pro: The rapid weight loss is an amazing pro because I have lost weight fast on this diet without striving myself or being unhappy in the process. I am the type of person who doesn’t loss weight that easy and can gain weight with one plate of food. Its not because of what I eat or how much I ate; its just the fact that my body stores sugar and fat easy which in turn have me packing on weight rapidly and easy. And it can take months just to take off 5 pounds or it may not ever come off at all. So, by taking off this amount of weight this fast with my body type and my metabolism is a huge benefit.


My second Pro: Being on the Vegan Keto Intermittent Diet, I was able to cut out foods that was hindering me from losing the weight and also help me control my sugar, carbs, cholesterol, and salt intake. A ketogenic diet consists of high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates in order for the body to burn fat for fuel. This drastic reduction in carbs allow your body to go into a state of ketosis. Along with the Vegan lifestyle of no meat, diary, and processed food products. I have improved my health and boost my energy level. Eating no sweets, processed, and high starched foods help me loss the weight in a more rapid pace. No McDonald or Burger King, no candy bars or cake, no beer, red meat, diary milk and eggs, high sugar fruits and vegetables, and no sodas and juice is keeping the weight melting off.


The third Pro: Learning moderation helps you control your carbs and calories intake. That’s why adding intermittent fasting is a good choice for me. It helped me control my carbs, calories, and control my eating habits. You are not eating and snacking all day. It is beneficial to you because eating later in the day helps you with weight loss, improve your metabolic health, protect you against disease and help you live longer.


Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. It does not say anything about which foods to eat, but rather when you should eat them. I will talk about it in depth in another post.

I am getting into planning out my meals for a week and shakes for the week. This helps me not to grab unhealthy foods or eating out at fast food restaurants because I was hungry. Having these prepared foods helps me do portion control wisely and helps me add the right kinds of food that not boost up your carbs and calories. Plus, you don’t have to stress about meals every day. I also make fruit packs for smoothies. All you have to do is cut up your favorite fruits and vegetables, put them in freezer zip lock bags, and freeze them. I will give you my favorite smoothie receipts in another blog post.


It is not easy being Vegan on a Keto Intermittent Diet you must be consistent, self-aware, and dedicated to the diet. It is a diet that is stricting to the foods and time on you eat habits. So, being serious about this diet is a must because if you are not then you will fail fast and get back into you wrong habits quick, fast and in a hurry.


I know you can do it if you only believe in yourself and your goals you set out for yourself this New Year. Get a partner or get into a community group to help you push for your goals and help you stay accountable for your action whether it be good or bad.


If you like more information about anything let me know and I will surely write about it. If you like this post, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and press the LIKE BUTTON for me.

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