A Typical Day Of A Work At Home Mom Blogger


Like many of you, I have my mom goals and working woman goals. I struggle for years figuring out if I want to leave my kids in the hands of a daycare worker or do I want to raise them up to they reach their school ages before I decided to adventure out back into the market place. So, I finally figured out what I wanted to do and that is working from home.

Today I want to do another snippet of my everyday life and share with you what my day looks like. I don’t live on a strict schedule instead I have a list some days or a general idea of what I need to accomplish that day and try my best to do them. If I don’t complete them, it’s not a big deal. I will write it on my new list I do every night and place it on top of my new list for the next day.


6:00am- My alarm goes off and I must wake up to get my daughter up for school. She is self-sufficient; she is 12 years-old and she can get herself dressed, brush her teeth, and do her hair all by herself.

7:00am- She is off to her bus stop and she will eat breakfast at school. For me I will lay back down for another hour.

8:00am- My 2-year-old daughter Brittnee starts waking up and comes into my bed to wake me up to hang with her.

8:10am- Brittnee and I will head to the bathroom where we will brush our teeth and wash our faces.

8:15am- We will go the kitchen and I will start making a pot of coffee and drinking a cup of water with apple cider vinegar before the coffee is finish.

8:30am-I will sit down with my cup of coffee in the living room while Brittnee is watching cartoon.

9:00am- I will be done with my coffee and I will start fixing our breakfast for today. Some days it will be cereal other days it will be something hot. Today, I was in the mood for pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

9:10am- The kids and my partner are up and going to the bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their faces.

9:25am-9:45am-Everybody will be at the table eating breakfast.

9:50am-Clean up the dining room and the kitchen after the breakfast.

10:30am- I have taken my shower, put me on some clothes for the day, and got the kids dress for today also.

10:35am-11:00am- I check my emails and social media, try to respond to some of my messages and read over my calendar to see what content I have to post for social media today.

11:00am-1:00pm- This is my time to work. I use this time to write a blog post, shoot and edit photos, create content for social media for next day or week, etc.

When I publish a blog, I spend at least an hour sharing my content on various social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

1:00pm- The kids are waking up from a nap (11am to 1pm) and its time to fix them some lunch.

1:30pm- They are finish their lunch and We all go to the living room where I will spend an hour playing with them.

2:30pm-I will look at my Editorial Calendar and start posting and editing anything from yesterday I couldn’t get to.

3:20pm- My oldest daughter Jaz will be coming through the doors from getting off the school bus.

3:25pm- Jaz is sitting down for her snack and telling me about her day.

3:40pm- Jaz starts her homework and she usually ends at 6:00pm.

4:00pm-5:30pm- I will be doing some Pinterest Pinning and checking my Social Media Sites.

5:30pm-6:30pm- The three youngest kids will be outside playing in the yard.

6:30pm-Come back in wash hands and they will sit down and watch TV until dinner is ready.

I will go into the kitchen and figure out what is for dinner to night by looking at my meal plans. Tonight, is chicken, mac and cheese with vegetables.

7:40pm: Food is Finished, everybody comes to the table and eat as a family.

8:30pm-Finished eating and now its time to take baths and start getting ready for bed.

Jaz will go first with her shower and then she will get dress in her night clothes then find her school clothes for the next day. Then she is off to be at 9:00pm.

The three youngest will be next with bathing, brushing teeth and getting night clothes on and be in bed by 9:30pm.

9:30pm-12:00am-Freedom, I usually have a cup of coffee or tea, put on Netflix and chill.4







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