30 Days & 30 minute Fitness Challenge

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I know what you are thinking, Oh No a fitness challenge, why can’t it be a eating challenge or a resting challenge. But if you are determined to keep your New Year’s Resolution and to stay on course then I decided to kick it up a notch and start a 30 minute fitness challenge. Only 30 minutes of exercise everyday, doesn’t matter what it is will help you go long way with your weight loss goals. We start off strong and we are diligent about getting to the gym and working out. Then week four rolls around and our momentum have slowly vanished to where we barely do even one exercise a day.

So, I have figure we need accountability and support each other on our way to greatness. Realistically, when we keep track of our goals we are most likely to succeed and when you have a partner or community behind you you are more likely to stick it out to the end of your fitness journey and turn it into a Lifestyle.

The First step is writing everything down. When you write down your fitness goals and plan then it gives you direction, motivation, and something to look forward to.

Second step is to check off each day of the exercise you have done and don’t just stick to one exercise for the 30 days because it will start getting boring.

Third step don’t look at the scale everyday it will only drive you crazy. I will recommend to look at the scale at the beginning of the challenge and at the end of the challenge.


Exercise Tips

  • Track your activity. Use an activity tracker to count your steps everyday. Continue to increase your goals.
  • Get you a partner and workout together.
  • Drink lots of water (a gallon a day). Get a water filter Jug it will save you money in the long run then buying bulks of water bottles.
  • Schedule when you are going to do your 30 minutes of exercise each day.
  • Use the Health & Fitness Planner to keep track of everything from body measurements to water tracking.
  • 30 Day Challenge you can download from here


30 Day Challenge1


30 Day Challenge3

30 Day Challenge2

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