March Goals for 2018


Hello, everyone! Welcome Back to my Blog. I just want to say Welcome to my blog to all of my new readers. It’s been quite a bit of you that have joined me on my journey of blogging my life as a mother and an entrepreneur over the last few months and I just want to say hello to you all. I appreciate you guys and Thank you for your support.

March is finally here and I cannot believe we are already three months into 2018. This is my Birthday month and I want to live it up the best way I know how.March goal 2018

Social Media

It was difficult go back and forth between site to check on my different social media. I ended up founding the extension/site/app called Buffer and I love it. It helps me schedule and post my week worth of pictures, questions, or quotes. I used to go days without posting, so I wanted to be more consistent and Buffer was the answer. I uses the free version right now and I have to say that’s all I need for the moment.
My Pinterest Followers is at 960. I want to reach 980 by the end of the month.
My Business Facebook page is at 70. I want to reach 75 by the end of the month.
My Instagram page is at 180. I want to reach 185 by the end of the month.
My Google+ page is at 16. I want to reach 20 by the end of the month.

Fitness Goals

–Exercise for 30 minutes per day for 4x a week. C; I have been doing 2-3x a week
–Drink a gallon of water a day B; I have been drinking 64oz a day
–Keep my calorie intake to 1,200 a day A; I have went down to 1,000 calories a day
–Cut out sugar, starches, chocolate, and high fats A; I am holding fast and strong

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Happy Birthday to all March Babies!!!

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