How to set a Budget (1 minute read)

There are a list of items and big ticket purchases we want to buy in life but we don’t know how to reach our goals and obtain these items big or small. Whether it is a Flat screen Television, car, or house we all have big tickets items we want to get and accomplish.

First off don’t buy stuff you really don’t need or necessary don’t have to have. Next, sit down and write out a detail report on your expenses and income. Finally, calculate how much money you can put in your savings account and do not touch it for any reason.

Be consistent with your savings and don’t be tempted to touch your money.

Many people have a problem with saving there money on their own. So, if this is you I suggest a few options first you can put your money in a CD account, mutual funds, or you can give it to a trusted friend.

Be consistent and responsible.

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