Ordering My Steps (1 min read)

How blessed I am this year in moving forward and achieving my Goals. I have been in a state of sorrow for the past year not knowing where my life was going and why it seems like I can’t get ahead in life. So, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and started taking action in my life. I got in school to get my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and I began looking for work to achieve my other aspirations like being a homeowner. I am Thankful to God every day that my kids are healthy, active, and starting school real soon. I want to set an example for my kids to show them that God, hard work, and education will always show a positive rewarding result.

I appreciate everybody love and support in my journey. Please subscribe to be part of my journal and like the post and let me know what was holding you back and how you overcame your struggle.

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