A Day in the Life: Of a Working Mom

Hello, Welcome back to my blog and I am sorry for being away for so long; I was starting a new job, going back to school while my kids were going back to school also, and making sure I keep my sanity. I wanted to make sure everything was okay and running smoothly before I got back into social media and blogging.

My beautiful babies are growing up so fast before my eyes and it warms my heart to see them wanting to learn and go to school every day.

The oldest is in Middle School (Jaz), Vic is in VPK, and Del is in headstart and you can check them out on Facebook @lifewith3girlsandboy

They started school in August and these were the first day of school photos.

Having a job after being out of work for 2 years was a huge adjustment to my sleep, dealing with the kids and mindset. With this job 90% of the time it’s in the outdoors and living in Florida the weather can be deadly, but this was one of my goals to obtain a good paying job for me and my family. So, I can achieve the other goals I have set out for myself.

The Family with there daily routines and fun events.

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