Happy Father’a Day

I hoped everyone had a happy and blessed Father's Day. We went to church and later on we stop by my dad house and ate dinner with him and the family. Then we went home and enjoyed the rest of Father's day with Geraldo.


30 Days & 30 minute Fitness Challenge

  I know what you are thinking, Oh No a fitness challenge, why can't it be a eating challenge or a resting challenge. But if you are determined to keep your New Year's Resolution and to stay on course then I decided to kick it up a notch and start a 30 minute fitness challenge. … Continue reading 30 Days & 30 minute Fitness Challenge

A Typical Day Of A Work At Home Mom Blogger

Like many of you, I have my mom goals and working woman goals. I struggle for years figuring out if I want to leave my kids in the hands of a daycare worker or do I want to raise them up to they reach their school ages before I decided to adventure out back into … Continue reading A Typical Day Of A Work At Home Mom Blogger

3 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

  Valentines is right around the corner and you are starting to think what to get or do for your significant other. If you are in a new relationship it is fine to get her some flowers, candy, and teddy bear for your first Valentine. But if you are in a seasonal relationship then you … Continue reading 3 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

February Goals for 2018

  Happy February to everyone who is keeping the New Years Resolution Check out January Goals for 2018 and to the February Babies who Birthday is this month. Happy Birthday to you and I hope this month and year brings you blessings on blessings. I have to say that nothing really changed from January but … Continue reading February Goals for 2018