February Goals for 2018

  Happy February to everyone who is keeping the New Years Resolution Check out January Goals for 2018 and to the February Babies who Birthday is this month. Happy Birthday to you and I hope this month and year brings you blessings on blessings. I have to say that nothing really changed from January but … Continue reading February Goals for 2018

Setting Goals for 2018

December Goals Life: Purchase a new Christmas tree and decoration. Everything is gone to the trash and now I have to start all over again. F Make a list of everyone that I need to purchase Christmas gifts for and start researching gift ideas. D I love shopping early and getting everything off my Christmas … Continue reading Setting Goals for 2018

Christmas Activity Checklist

  Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. Here is a list of Holiday Activities you can do with your family. Print it out and have fun. Me and My Family is having fun trying out different activities on the Checklist. So, get in the spirit and have fun creating memories and holiday traditions with you and … Continue reading Christmas Activity Checklist

6 ways on How to finish your To-Do List like an Entrepreneur

  1) Write your list the night before you go to bed. Before you lay your head down to sleep-sit down at your desk and write down your to-do list for tomorrow. Planning out your day is not hard and it will only take 15 to 30 minutes to think of everything you have to … Continue reading 6 ways on How to finish your To-Do List like an Entrepreneur

Christmas Holiday Playlist and More

Here is a Playlist, where you can jam out on the old to the new school Christmas songs. I love these songs because they represent the Christmas spirit. You have Jackson 5 to Nat King Cole, how could you not get into the Christmas spirit with these classic songs.     While you are listening … Continue reading Christmas Holiday Playlist and More

A Typical Day in the Life as a Entrepremomer

A Typical Day In The Life As a Blogger + Mother + Entrepreneur = Entrepremomer   As a mom and entrepreneur, my days are never truly the same. I am a mother of four and a stay-at-home mom with my spouse. I thought I would give you a glimpse into one of my days to … Continue reading A Typical Day in the Life as a Entrepremomer