Girl’s Night Out 2021

Girls Night Out  Nothing like a girl's night out! It was my cousin Keisha Birthday dinner at Bahama Breeze in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and we had a wonderful time together. Great food, drinks, great company, and lots of fun. When we finally get together, we have lots of fun and a lot of catching up to … Continue reading Girl’s Night Out 2021

10 New Year’s Resolutions you can achieve in 2021

Don’t Tell People, Your Plan, Show Them Your Results Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Drink more waterJournal in the morning Declutter your home, office space, and task listHave less screen time and read more books like self-help, motivation help, and/or education in your field of studyMeditate everyday for at least 30 minutes a day … Continue reading 10 New Year’s Resolutions you can achieve in 2021

Stepping into the Right direction (1 min read)

Graduating with my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration concentration in Management Stepping into the right direction can be a long and hard process but I love this quote from Louis Sachar which it says "It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to … Continue reading Stepping into the Right direction (1 min read)

Weight Loss is a Lifestyle Journey

It is a true lifestyle change you have to build within your mind and body. I had some setbacks but it doesn't stop me from achieving my weight loss goal I have set myself out to achieve. I don't want to only want to lose the weight but have a more healthy lifestyle for me … Continue reading Weight Loss is a Lifestyle Journey

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone

Mother's Day was a wonderful day for me, my sister and mother. We decided to have our own dinner without the children this year just to change it up a little bit. We went to Aruba Beach and it was so lovely, the weather was wonderful, and the food was delicious.We are three mothers just … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day to everyone

A Day in the Life: Of a Working Mom

Hello, Welcome back to my blog and I am sorry for being away for so long; I was starting a new job, going back to school while my kids were going back to school also, and making sure I keep my sanity. I wanted to make sure everything was okay and running smoothly before I … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Of a Working Mom

Starting my Christmas🎄🎅🔔❄ DIY Decorations

Christmas🎄🎅🔔❄ is the special holiday you spend with your family👨👦👧👩👴👵 and decorate your house with pretty Christmas decor. I made some DIY decor our of wine bottles. All you need is: 1. Spray paint (any color🎨) 2. Diamond strips 3. Hot glue gun and sticks 4. Christmas Decorations🎀 5. Wine Bottles Subscribe and Like my … Continue reading Starting my Christmas🎄🎅🔔❄ DIY Decorations