Vegan diet, Non-GMO, and Organic: What do they all mean?

  The Difference between GMO and NON-GMO can be confusing when turning vegan. I wasn't sure what I was looking at when I saw the labels at the grocery store. Plus, I not quite sure if they are vegan or not because half of the packages did not have the vegan logo on them so … Continue reading Vegan diet, Non-GMO, and Organic: What do they all mean?

Christmas Activity Checklist

  Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. Here is a list of Holiday Activities you can do with your family. Print it out and have fun. Me and My Family is having fun trying out different activities on the Checklist. So, get in the spirit and have fun creating memories and holiday traditions with you and … Continue reading Christmas Activity Checklist

10 Things I want my Daughters to know

  Things I want my Daughters to know: Part 2   Daughters are a gift and a precious jewel you must polish into a beautiful diamond. I can say that all day long because they are strong, priceless, and salt after. So, I wanted to part down some wisdom that I have encounter over the … Continue reading 10 Things I want my Daughters to know

10 Top Black Business Expos

Top 10 Black Business Expos around the United States     1)Texas Black Expo (TBE) has been a pillar of the African American Community as a year-round, multifaceted community service organization with affiliate chapters around the state. Exhibit is held every May and it’s the largest trade show in Texas attracting more than 10,000 attendees. … Continue reading 10 Top Black Business Expos