A Day in the Life: Of a Working Mom

Hello, Welcome back to my blog and I am sorry for being away for so long; I was starting a new job, going back to school while my kids were going back to school also, and making sure I keep my sanity. I wanted to make sure everything was okay and running smoothly before I … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Of a Working Mom


A Typical Day Of A Work At Home Mom Blogger

Like many of you, I have my mom goals and working woman goals. I struggle for years figuring out if I want to leave my kids in the hands of a daycare worker or do I want to raise them up to they reach their school ages before I decided to adventure out back into … Continue reading A Typical Day Of A Work At Home Mom Blogger

Blessed and Highly Flavored

Friday Night Hello, everyone and Welcome back to the blog. I pray your week have been blessed. I am so Happy and Blessed to be here today because tomorrow is not promised to you. I want to encourage everyone to seek out there loved ones and give them a kiss and a huge hug and … Continue reading Blessed and Highly Flavored

February Bible Reading Plan

  Hello, everyone and Welcome back to my blog! I have come to you with these wonderful passages from the Bible. Having a bad day or need some encouragement then check out these Bible verses. February Bible Reading Plan Day 1: Micah 6:8 (NIV) He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord … Continue reading February Bible Reading Plan

Vegan diet, Non-GMO, and Organic: What do they all mean?

  The Difference between GMO and NON-GMO can be confusing when turning vegan. I wasn't sure what I was looking at when I saw the labels at the grocery store. Plus, I not quite sure if they are vegan or not because half of the packages did not have the vegan logo on them so … Continue reading Vegan diet, Non-GMO, and Organic: What do they all mean?

Christmas Activity Checklist

  Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. Here is a list of Holiday Activities you can do with your family. Print it out and have fun. Me and My Family is having fun trying out different activities on the Checklist. So, get in the spirit and have fun creating memories and holiday traditions with you and … Continue reading Christmas Activity Checklist

Christmas Holiday Playlist and More

Here is a Playlist, where you can jam out on the old to the new school Christmas songs. I love these songs because they represent the Christmas spirit. You have Jackson 5 to Nat King Cole, how could you not get into the Christmas spirit with these classic songs.     While you are listening … Continue reading Christmas Holiday Playlist and More