Christmas Activity Checklist

  Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. Here is a list of Holiday Activities you can do with your family. Print it out and have fun. Me and My Family is having fun trying out different activities on the Checklist. So, get in the spirit and have fun creating memories and holiday traditions with you and … Continue reading Christmas Activity Checklist

10 Top Black Business Expos

Top 10 Black Business Expos around the United States     1)Texas Black Expo (TBE) has been a pillar of the African American Community as a year-round, multifaceted community service organization with affiliate chapters around the state. Exhibit is held every May and it’s the largest trade show in Texas attracting more than 10,000 attendees. … Continue reading 10 Top Black Business Expos

Start paying off your debt in 10 easy steps

  Debt is a stressful aspect in your life. Especially when you are trying to buy a home, car, business, or credit card. But you can change all that by learning how to get out of debt. To start getting out of debt, you just need to take action right now! If you want to … Continue reading Start paying off your debt in 10 easy steps

Free Feminine Style Stock Photos

  Today I am going to share with you  Free Feminine Styled Stocked Photos Resources.  I didn't have a budget to buy stock phots and I started looking around and came upon these serious eye candy photos from these different designers These images are truly spectacular for creating Pinterest images, social media images, blog post … Continue reading Free Feminine Style Stock Photos