February Goals for 2018

  Happy February to everyone who is keeping the New Years Resolution Check out January Goals for 2018 and to the February Babies who Birthday is this month. Happy Birthday to you and I hope this month and year brings you blessings on blessings. I have to say that nothing really changed from January but … Continue reading February Goals for 2018

Setting Goals for 2018

December Goals Life: Purchase a new Christmas tree and decoration. Everything is gone to the trash and now I have to start all over again. F Make a list of everyone that I need to purchase Christmas gifts for and start researching gift ideas. D I love shopping early and getting everything off my Christmas … Continue reading Setting Goals for 2018

How to be Productive even when you’re UNMOTIVATED

  Are you undermotivated by your goals? So much that you pump yourself up like “yes I’m going to go home and smash out a post” or “today I will be active on all my social media channels”. Then when the day and the time comes you have no drive or energy to get the … Continue reading How to be Productive even when you’re UNMOTIVATED

How to Write a Killer: About Me Page

How to Write a Killer: About Me Page Let’s Chat about one of the most powerful pages on your blog is your About Me Page! This is your chance to tell anyone who is visiting who you are and why they need to follow you. Sadly, this is something that a lot of people overlook … Continue reading How to Write a Killer: About Me Page

How to Start A Lifestyle Blog

    How to start a lifestyle blog   BEFORE WE BEGIN: WHY START A LIFESTYLE BLOG? I became upon the idea a year ago when I really started getting into Pinterest. When I click on their blog pictures and Pinterest took me to their blog post. I love the content and information that I … Continue reading How to Start A Lifestyle Blog

How I Changed My Business in the past year

  How I changed my business in the past year was about staying focus on my Business, Blog, and Brand. Everyday brainstorming of something new and trendy I can accomplish for myself. Taking my business to the next level have its own set of draw backs and challenges but I am capable of pushing forward … Continue reading How I Changed My Business in the past year

One Regret in my Life

  The moment you reach High School teachers and counselors started talking to you about your future and how you need to start preparing yourself for after high school. They will ask you:  What are your 5-year goals? What do you plan on during after High School? Have you thought about any Universities or Trade … Continue reading One Regret in my Life